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Cut trees and harvest wood for use with the Survival skill.


Axes are required to chop down trees. A player must have the axe equipped in order to harvest from the desired tree. Axes can be made with the Forging skill.

Axe Levels
Copper Axe 1 Woodcutting 1 Dexterity
Iron Axe 1 Woodcutting 10 Dexterity
Steel Axe 1 Woodcutting 20 Dexterity


Level Logs XP
1 Woodcutting Pine Logs Pine Logs 16
10 Woodcutting Oak Logs Oak Logs 26
15 Woodcutting Birch Logs Birch Logs ??
30 Woodcutting Willow Logs Willow Logs 52
40 Woodcutting Cherry Logs Cherry Logs 52

Quest Requirements

Quest Level
?? ??