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  • Create categories/subcategories (e.g. Skills > Ranged > Ranged NPCs / Ranged Weapons / Ranged Armour)
    • Try to avoid placing pages in duplicate categories where possible (e.g. in both Ranged and Ranged Weapons)
  • Gather level and XP values
  • Create overall level up tables and move off main skill pages
  • Flesh out Glimmermoore page (map, resources, gallery of landmarks, etc.)
  • Create NPC pages
    • Artisan
    • The Stranger
    • Jack Lumber
    • Drill Pit Taylor
  • Create item pages
  • Gather HD screenshots for NPCs, items, and icons
    • Transparent backgrounds for items and icons
      • Grab from client resource files

Bucket of milk test: item page thumb template

A bucket filled with milk.


Would like to create templates for the following common sections:

  • NPC infobox
  • Vendor inventory
  • Item infobox
  • Item icon + link (for use in places such as level up tables)
  • Quest header
  • Quest steps
  • Level up table