The Forgotten

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The Forgotten serves as a tutorial and is the first quest a new player must complete.




Speak to The Stranger 
Oh, you're finally back. Well, hello there! You've been asleep for awhile, I was getting worried. Do you remember how you became washed up? No? It looks like you forgot everything about yourself. I have a good friend down the road. Drill Pit Taylor will help you get back on your feet.

> Thank you. I will go speak with him.
Find Drill Pit Taylor for more information 
You hear that? *brgghh* That's the sound of a hard working miner's belly. That river brings the freshest of natural fresh freshness out in fish. They are delicious. Maybe Billy Bass can help me out, he usually hangs out around the dock. In return, I'll teach you the most important thing of all, how to become a miner!

> Amazing. I will go find him!
Speak with Billy Bass near the dock 
Greetings. The fish are really biting today. Are you interested in seeing what I have for sale?

> Drill Pit Taylor has asked for more fish.

MORE FISH? How much can that guy eat... Give someone a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach someone to fish and you feed them for a lifetime. I'll teach you how to fish so you can take care of him from now on. Tools ain't free, my friend. Purchase some Worms and a Fishing Rod and let me know when you are ready.

> Sure.
Purchase 10 worms and 1 fishing rod from Billy Bass 

Speak to Billy Bass again and ask what he has for sale. Purchase ten Worms and one Fishing Rod.

Let Billy Bass know when you are ready 
Good stuff. Equip your Fishing Rod and head over to the end of the dock. You will see a school of Fish swimming around. Drop the line and show me that you can catch 8 Raw Carp. Oh, I just started a campfire, so why don't you give the fish a cook whilst you are at it.

> I'll try!
Catch 8 raw carp 

Equip your new Fishing Rod, then walk to the end of the dock and press 'E' to begin Fishing.

Cook a fish 

Once you've caught 8 Raw Carp, go to the campfire and press 'E' to open the Cooking interface. Select the Carp and click 'Create'.

Speak with Billy Bass 
> I have caught and cooked my Fish.

I knew you could do it. Fish taste delicious and also heal you when you are wounded. I highly recommend keeping cooked fish with you at all times in case you get into a fight. Anyway, that's about all I can teach you. Head back to Drill Pit Taylor.

> I will. I appreciate your help.
Deliver a carp to Drill Pit Taylor 
FRESH CARP! *yoink* Thank you for that. Let's get started. Mining, Metallurgy, and Forging are very valuable skills in this world. You can make armor, tools, and weapons! It ain't much, but it's honest work. I will get you to create a Copper Axe. There are a couple of Copper rocks behind me, a Furnace and Anvil close to that!

> Yes, I will do that!

You will need this Copper Pickaxe. I will be waiting right here!

> On my way!
Mine 4 copper ore 

Equip the Copper Pickaxe. Walk over to the Copper rocks in the pit behind Drill Pit Taylor. Press 'E' to begin Mining.

Use the furnace to smelt the ore into 2 copper ingots 

Once you've mined 4 Copper Ore, walk up the hill next to the pit, continuing until you run into a Furnace. Press 'E' to begin smelting the ore. Select the Copper Ingot and click 'Create'.

Create a copper axe at the anvil 

Walk to the Anvil positioned right next to the Furnace. Press 'E' to open the Forging menu. Select the Copper Axe and click 'Create'.

Deliver the copper axe to Drill Pit Taylor 
You did it! Great to see you didn't lose all of your brain cells. Also, keep the Copper Axe. I have no use for it. You could speak to Jack Lumber to show you how to use that thing.

> Thank you for teaching me!
Speak with Jack Lumber in his workshop 
Cool, you got an axe. Want me to teach you how to cut wood and make a fire?

> Yes.

You will need this flint. There is a pine tree behind you. Cut some logs and use the flint on it.

> I'll do it.
Cut 5 pine logs 

Equip the Copper Axe. Walk over to the pine tree and press 'E' to begin cutting wood.

Make a campfire 

Once you've cut 5 Pine Logs, open your inventory and use the Flint on the Pine Logs (or vice versa) to start a campfire.

Speak to Jack Lumber 
Great job. Campfires can be used to cook food, etc. Now let's see how we go about making a ranged weapon! Use the workbench over there to make an Unstrung Pine Shortbow. Then pick some flax, spin it, and attach the bow string to the unstrung bow.

> Alright.
Create a pine shortbow (unstrung) at the workbench 

Walk over to the Workbench and press 'E' to open the Survival crafting interface. Select the Pine Shortbow Unstrung and click 'Create'.

Gather some flax 

You should see a yellow objective marker over the nearest Flax. Walk over to it and press 'E' to harvest it.

Spin the flax into a bow string at the nearest spinning wheel 

Walk over to the Spinning Wheel to the right of Jack Lumber and press 'E' to spin the flax into a bow string.

Attach the bow string to the pine shortbow (unstrung) 

Open your inventory and use the Bow String on the Pine Shortbow Unstrung to create a Pine Shortbow.

Speak to Jack Lumber 
You did it. That is a solid bow, but you need arrows. You know how to mine, smelt, and forge. Go make 30 arrow heads and come back.

> Alright.
Create 30 copper arrowheads at the anvil 

If you need more Copper Ore (3 required), equip your Copper Pickaxe and mine some more. If you have enough, go directly to the Anvil and craft 30 Copper Arrowheads.

Gather 30 feathers from killing chickens 

Walk over to the windmill, there are chickens in an enclosure at its base. Kill chickens until you've gathered 30 Feathers.

Create 30 arrow shafts at the workbench 

If you need more Pine Logs (3 required), equip your Copper Axe and cut some more. If you have enough, go directly to the Workbench next to Jack Lumber and create 30 Arrow Shafts.


Speak to Artisan 
*Missing dialogue.*

Let's not.

> I will.

This is the end of the quest line for the PlayTest.