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Slayer allows the player to hunt dangerous monsters using unique hunting tools for great rewards.


The basic premise behind Slayer is the use of bounty boards by the player to select a certain bounty. There are planned to be 5 classes of bounties, C through S+.

Two mechanics that are unique to Slayer are Reputation and the Task system. Reputation is gained by completing bounties, with a higher reputation required to accept higher class bounties. The player can drop a bounty after they've accepted it, but they will lose a certain amount of reputation. Tasks are optional objectives as a part of each bounty that allow the player to earn bonus reputation and experience, those tasks being something like killing targets in a certain area or using a certain weapon.

C Class Bounties

The targets in the lowest class bounties are your normal enemies such as cows, chickens, and goblins. There will be no special mechanics beyond the Task system. C class bounties give a very small amount of reputation.

B Class Bounties

The B class bounties are also mostly normal enemies. The difference between this and C class bounties is that there will be other skill requirements for B class bounties. For example, a bounty may require 50 Fishing and that the player goes to a certain fishing point to spawn the target.

A Class Bounties

The bounties become much more difficult at this level, consisting of elite mobs. These targets may require two or three players to take down, and incorporate other skills in a sort of minigame-like fashion.

S/S+ Class Bounties

No difference has been made between S and S+ class bounties at this point. The targets given for these classes are, of course, harder than A class targets, but they're not quite world bosses. The main difference other than actual mob difficulty level is that the player will need to personally craft special items that will be used in the hunt.

Quest Requirements

Quest Level
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