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Quests in TitanReach are not your average fetch quests. They contribute to a meaningful story and add value to the player experience, meaning you can expect to do more than kill 15 wolves or play courier for NPCs. Skills are woven into each quest, from requirements to rewards.

Quest List

Please note: the current tutorial questline is placeholder and has been rewritten but not yet implemented.

Title Requirements
The Forgotten None

Highest Level Required

Skill Level Quest
Vitality Icon.png  Vitality None None
Dexterity Icon.png  Dexterity None None
Strength Icon.png  Strength None None
Defense.png  Defense None None
Ranged Icon.png  Ranged None None
Precision.png  Precision None None
Sorcery.png  Sorcery None None
Focus.png  Focus None None
Slayer.png  Slayer None None
Arcana Icon.png  Arcana None None
Alchemy Icon.png  Alchemy None None
Occultism Icon.png  Occultism None None
Fishing Icon.png  Fishing None None
Cooking.png  Cooking None None
Woodcutting Icon.png  Woodcutting None None
Survival Icon.png  Survival None None
Artisan Icon.png  Artisan None None
Mining Icon.png  Mining None None
Metallurgy Icon.png  Metallurgy None None
Forging Icon.png  Forging None None