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Mining allows players to acquire ores from ore rocks. These ores can be used to make ingots via Metallurgy. Adventurers can use these ingots to make equipment through Forging and jewelry through Metallurgy.


Pickaxes are required to mine ore rocks. A player must have the pickaxe equipped in order to mine the desired rock. Pickaxes can be made with the Forging skill.

Tool Levels
Mining Dexterity
Copper Pickaxe 1 1
Iron Pickaxe 1 10
Steel Pickaxe 1 20


Level Ore XP
1 Mining Copper Ore Copper Ore 8
10 Mining Iron Ore Iron Ore 20
20 Mining Coal Coal 28
? Mining Silver Ore ??
? Mining Cadent Ore Cadent Ore ??
? Mining Cobalt Ore Cobalt Ore ??
? Mining Platinum Ore Platinum Ore ??
? Mining Titanite Ore Titanite Ore ??

Quest Requirements

Quest Level
?? ??