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The Kickstarter Demo is the live demo of TitanReach that will run for the duration of the Kickstarter. Players are able to play this pre-alpha version of the game for free to see if they are interested in backing the project.

Players will be able to explore the area of Glimmermoore during this demo, which is but a small part of the planned world. Keep in mind that this is an early stage of development and most things are subject to change. If you want to help out with testing and keep up to date with the development, you can join the Discord.

How to play

Join the TitanReach Discord and navigate to the #download-game channel under the Kickstarter category.

  1. Open the link to either Google Drive or (the same file is hosted on both sites).
  2. Download the .zip file and extract it.
  3. Launch the game by running TitanReach.exe.
  4. Read the information presented to you in a popup.
  5. Create an account by entering a username and password and clicking Login. DO NOT reuse a personal password as they are stored in plaintext.

After logging in simply select a world/server to enter the game. Your account is able to switch between worlds. In order to log out simply quit the game, your character will be automatically disconnected after a short period of time.


Q: I'm afraid of losing money if I back the project and it fails!

A: To clear this up, pledging to a project does not immediately charge you. Kickstarter will only charge you if the project succeeds, and Kickstarter only takes funds at the end of the campaign. If you pledge $1,000 to the Kickstarter and it does not succeed, you are never charged.

Q: But, I won't have anything to play for two years!

A: Good news, our alpha will begin 6-8 months after the end of the Kickstarter. The alpha will run for 6-8 months, featuring content updates, continued bug fixing, and patch notes released to everyone. If you pledged a high-tier reward for the dev-build access, you will have access almost immediately after the end of the Kickstarter.

Q: Microtransactions?

A: Some people have voiced concerns about microtransactions. We will not have MTX in our game.


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