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Glimmermoore is the first zone a new player will spawn into, containing the tutorial series and the first three tiers of most skilling resources. It is the main area players can access during the Kickstarter Demo.


Points of interest

Trading Post

The Trading Post is the first building encountered by adventurers upon arriving in Glimmermoore. The trading post contains a Forge, an Anvil, and a general store. It is located directly north of the copper mine, which contains 7 copper veins.


The Lake contains several fishing spots, as well as a permanent campfire near the docks.


The farm is located north of the trading post across the river. Here players can find a couple of animals roaming around, including Cows and Chickens in their respective pens. Players are also able to tan hides here.


The lumberyard south of the farm serves as players first introduction to Woodcutting and Survival. It contains 6 Flax, several Pine Trees and Oak Trees, a Spinning Wheel, and a Workbench.

Western Settlement

The Western Settlement is the first proper town adventurers encounter. It contains the only usable Bank currently in game. It also contains a general store and Brad Sharp's Weapon Shop.

Bearskin Bandits and veins of Coal can be found in the mountain pass south of the Western Settlement.

Goblin Swamps

The Goblin Swamps are located to the North-East of the Trading Post. Containing several Goblins, Goblin Warriors, and the Goblin War Chief these swamps are also filled with Pine Trees.


The Graveyard is located to the North-West of the Trading Post and North-East of the Western Settlement. When traveling towards this location players will first encounter a church. Three iron rocks are located between the church and the graveyard itself. Several Skeletons can be found a bit farther into the graveyard.


Name Category Location
Artisan Quest Farm
Billy Bass Quest, Vendor Lake
Drill Pit Taylor Quest Copper Mine
Jack Lumber Quest Lumber Yard
Shopkeeper Vendor Trading Point
The Stranger Quest Spawn