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Fishing is a gathering skill which allows you to catch a variety of fish and other aquatic creatures across Glimmermoore. Caught fish may be cooked using the Cooking skill and used to provide Vitality regeneration and other assorted skill buffs. Higher levels of fishing allow you to catch a larger selection of fish.

Fishing Equipment

Depending on what fish you wish to catch, you will need to use different equipment which can be bought from vendors across the world.

Tool Level
Fishing Dexterity
Fishing Rod 1 1
Yabby Cage 1 1
Spear 1 1
Bait Level
Worms 1


Level Fish XP Tool Other
1 Fishing Raw Chub Raw Chub 13 Fishing Rod Fishing Rod Worms Worms
8 Fishing Raw Perch Raw Perch 26 Fishing Rod Fishing Rod Worms Worms
20 Fishing Raw Prawn Raw Prawn 39 Yabby Cage Yabby Cage -
40 Fishing Raw Hagnesh Raw Hagnesh 65 Fishing Rod Fishing Rod Worms Worms
50 Fishing Raw Yabby Raw Yabby ?? Yabby Cage Yabby Cage -