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Catch fish to be prepared using the Cooking skill. Cooked fish provide Vitality regeneration and other assorted skill buffs.


Fishing equipment is required to fish from the water. A player must have the correct equipment equipped in order to fish. Equipment can be bought from Billy Bass.

Tool Level
Fishing Dexterity
Fishing Rod 1 1
Worms 1 -
Yabby Cage 1 1
Spear 1 1


Level Fish XP Tool Other
1 Fishing Raw Carp Raw Carp 13 Fishing Rod Fishing Rod Worms Worms
15 Fishing Raw Yabby Raw Yabby 20 Yabby Cage Yabby Cage -
30 Fishing Raw Cod Raw Cod 30 Fishing Rod Fishing Rod Worms Worms
40 Fishing Raw Tuna Raw Tuna 45 Spear Spear -

Quest Requirements

Quest Level
?? ??