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Developer Update #1 - 05/10/2020

by √Unravel

Collaboration & Project Organisation

I touched on just over a week ago about how our project wasn't set up well and we had a lot of issues with people collaborating with us. Right after that post we got to work and spent a few days on trying out multiple ideas and we were happy to settle with one of them.

We split the game up into parts and also over multiple git projects, changed the way a lot of things load in the game, anyway long story short we managed to achieve what we wanted. Our world builder has 1 separate project with just the world, terrain, assets & tools to work with and after changes have been made, we pretty much export it and throw it into the build.

Security/design-wise this is a lot nicer, it allows us to have people working on the map without needing any of the core client code. We build them the latest version of the client which will connect to our dev server and they can basically just insert the map into the built client and play what they have just designed. The other benefit is we can have multiple maps/areas where we just swap files around and can play them. For example, our 'dev island' we whipped up in a few minutes.

During this process, we also took some time out to remove a lot of legacy assets we were using/had created.


Artistic Identity

Shortly after we were happy with the collaboration changes we got to work on the next thing, finding our art style. We started with the Terrain. Fish linked me to a very old TitanReach video where we had a low poly flat textured terrain and said something like 'this was god tier'. It was a joke, at least I thought so.

But then I realised we had continued to upgrade from that point because of the new systems/tools we had access to, that bare coloured simple terrain actually worked really well with our low poly game, especially all the world assets.

So we started a new map from scratch and decided to not use any floor textures at all and just have plain colours. it looked great but then we realised the low poly style to the terrains vertex's gave it a better look. So we found some middle ground:

Artistic Identity

We went with the flat colour textures but added a low poly feel on top of the smooth terrain, I personally think this looks better, it also performs much better and allows us to continue using modern terrain tools. We can also increase/decrease the low poly style feel as much as we want, even in any areas or add other patterns. From here we were happy with the terrain style.

Artistic Identity Pt 2: Grass

Grass, one of those huge important things that can turn a game from looking junk to looking acceptable. In the past we have tried all kinds of grass, the issues we had is 1. it looked bad or 2. it was too expensive on the GPU/CPU and would have heavy performance issues.

We went back and took another look at Grass, now that we are on the Universal Render Pipeline we have access to a lot of cool, better written grass/shader assets that we couldn't use before. We tested a few of them and found one that was so good on performance, that I just saturated an entire map of thick lush grass and was still hitting 500+ fps in the editor.


So we went with it, added it into our world project and now we can change almost anything about this grass (colour, wind, size, density) and its even interactable so we can bend it when walking through. I see us doing great things with this in the future.

UI Mouse Handling

You know when playing RuneScape you left click an item in your inventory and you know that if its a weapon it's going to equip it. if its food it's going to eat it. You also know which items will not do anything but give it a white highlight and start the Use On action (basically any item that has no Item Options)

So whilst we did some work on the UI this week, we added in the same behaviour as RuneScape and it feels natural. We also added in a proper Item Option system so we can right click and have other options on certain items. Left click now will use the first option of the item by default.

Left Click

UI Improvements

We have added equipping/equipping to our new UI and also a 3d avatar. Also fixed a bunch of bugs and other UI improvements

UI Improvements

NPC Loot/Drop Tables

We have finally got around to giving what few monsters we have, proper drop tables! Previously we just had hardcoded chickens to drop meat etc. We finally added a proper system in and added some item drops with weights against our NPCs.


We have added in our base setup for the Alchemy skill. Currently, you can make Health & Mana Potions, using ingredients to with a Vial of Water to create an Unfinished Health/Mana potion and cooking it on the Cauldron to finalise it.



Nothing visual to show here - we have not made a UI for this yet. We have added in some Teleport spells that do require regents and currently, we are looking at using Glyphs to power these spells.


Another skill we have brought to life is our Artisan skill. Artisan creates ranged & magic armour from leather & cloth.

Using the Loom (which is a Spinning wheel placeholder in this image) you can craft different types of leather and cloth armour. Requires leather roll which you can use needle & thread with the raw animal hide.


This also includes crafting of our new Leather armour which has been created for our game.

Leather armour


That wraps up our week of development. Also this was just a small part of finding our Artistic Identity, we still have more to work on!

I wanted to show some work that √Trickzbunny has been working on with the new terrain but he's gone to bed, you will see it next week :)

Let us know in general chat if you enjoyed this.

Developer Update #2 - 05/18/2020

by √Unravel


A large amount of time this week has been wasted due to bugs in our tooling. We use the V2 of Unity's Asset Import Pipeline and it's caused us so many issues since we did that. Our project is quite large, we have a lot of assets, then you add Unity's Library & meta files and git's backup files and you send up with a 20gb+ project of over 150k files. Each time we need to rebuild or reimport assets (upgrading unity version, or changing folder paths/collab tools) it takes about 2 hours on my computer. I'm running a 12 core 3900X and one of the fastest NVME SSDs you can get. That is when it works!

That asset pipeline is premature and has caused a lot of issues, we need to split the import up into 4 lots before we can get it done properly.

We use Gaia Pro, an amazing plugin for Unity for terrain handling. It's unfortunate that when we purchased this a month ago it just happened to be a completely new version from the ground up. That sounds good right? sure, if it works. We have found a lot of bugs and hacky workarounds with this to continue using it, it is limiting us a little right now and I have spent a lot of time making it usable, just gotta wait for those patches. This has been holding up the terrain/world a lot.

Collaboration Tools

We started this week deciding Git (our current system) was no good at large game dev projects, some research proved me correct so I spent most of the week playing around with Perforce, Plastic SCM & SVN. Keep in mind each time I set these up to use it required reimporting of 3 of the above unity projects and even more messing around.

We have settled with Plastic SCM. It works for now.

Artistic Identity Continued

We have been experimenting with Post Processing, Grass and Trees this week, I'd love to write a mini book here about it but i have a headache so here enjoy some pics. Let us know if you like the style

Artistic Identity
Artistic Identity
Artistic Identity


This is an exciting one, we have been working with a sound engineer to not only create us sound effects for pretty much everything, but also background music. Here is one of the tracks you will hear on loop whilst you are slaying some wolves! It fits the game style nicely if i do say so myself.

Download: TR_Song1_mp3.mp3


We have our latest Plate armour made for us. The 3 below are mid level plate, leather & cloth armours.

Mid-level Armour


We didn't get much done this week really, felt wasted but it was necessary. tell your friends!

Developer Update #3 - 05/25/2020

by √Unravel

Artistic Identity: Water

Started out the week with Water in game. We wanted something that looked fun & inviting but also not realistic, and good on performance. We did a lot of tweaking and I think we are happy with where it's at.


Level Design

We are still not 100% comfortable with the stability of our level design tools, and collaboration workflow but it's improving. the more it improves, the more the world gets shaped!

√Trickzbunny has been working on our level/world design. This area will be used as a tutorial area but will also focus mainly in our crowdfunding videos. This allows us to add in a bit of content in the game for each skill allowing us to better show the world what TitanReach is about!

I think its coming along nicely, enjoy some images.

Area Design
Area Design
selling 13 raw trout
Area Design
Area Design

3D Models

ElyCastaic has been busy this week working on our new weapons & tools. We stripped out every existing tool & weapon from the game, this was a mixture of Synty (Asset Store) models, ElyCastaic's previous lower quality models and others.

Earlier he showed us an example of a primitive sword he was working on and we really enjoyed it, and decided to change our plan up. Previously we were going to make 1 set of melee armour and 1 of each tool/weapon, and recolour them all for tiers. This was only temporary until crowdfunding allows us to do it properly, we decided instead to do it properly now but limit ourselves to the first 3 tiers (Copper, Iron, Steel).

With that in mind, we put ElyCastaic to work to create a unique set of tools/weapons for each tier.

Copper would look very primitive, using twine/sticks Iron would look solid but poorly crafted Steel would look professional, but basic

From here on, the tiers after this can start looking really cool/interesting.

Below is his current progress which is looking very nice.

Copper, Iron, Steel

Item Icons

A lot of games generally have a different, unique 2D icon for each item. This sometimes works for games. In our game, every item has a 3D model, yes even a piece of paper as a quest item. You can drop that item and see the 3D model on the ground.

What about 2D Icons for the Inventory etc? We don't have the time or resources to make 300 separate 2D item sprites for each 3D model we have, so we whipped up this Icon creator tool awhile ago where we load the 3D model, adjust lighting/positions/rotation etc and click save which exports a 500x500 transparent icon for us, as well as puts data into the database etc.

This worked fine however I found looking at the bank/inv with all items in there, it just didn't look that nice. edges were too sharp on the icons and other issues I can't describe.

So we upgraded the camera on the icon tool to use orthographic projection, applied heavy anti-aliasing, we positioned all the icons and exported them.

We then ran them through Photoshop and applied a few filters to get a more cartoon/flat non 3D look. then added some blur and outlining. We are still tweaking this but I feel like we are in the right direction here.

Here are the old, sharp icons, followed by our changes.

Old Icons
Icon Work
Icon Work

Other Things

We added a new channel #game_design_input to help us make decisions on some minor things, feel free to pop in there once a week and hit the thumbs up or down.

I posted in general channel recently about how our Item's descriptions are terrible and if anyone wants to help us make them better, witty and more appropriate than what they are, Feel free to modify:

The Aim

You may have been wondering what our current aim is - when is the Kickstarter? what's the scale of things? Well, we have knocked back the Kickstarter a couple of times now in favour of some large changes due to not being happy with the game.

We are very happy with the games direction now and are working full on with content. The plan is to work on our current Tutorial area, showcasing every skill we have. great for a Kickstarter trailer, great for gameplay videos/streamers. Think of it as a demo.

It's probably going over the top in what we need for a Kickstarter, but words can't describe how much we don't want it to fail, so we are spending extra time and money on ensuring we provide the best game to the world that we possibly can. We have sound effects, background music, 3d models & more constantly getting built exclusively for our game.

Even though we are a very small scale team with an extremely low budget right now, we still take pride in creating exclusive assets for our game as opposed to using off the shelf assets from an asset store.

Developer Update #4 - 06/08/2020

by √Unravel

Login Screen

We finally got around to reworking the login screen. We didn't have our scenes loading properly or in an order we wanted, so the main reason for this was for faster/more efficient loading. We have 3 Scenes in our game (World, Game and UI) and previously they just loaded randomly at the same time. Rarely this could cause some race conditions with parts of code that required access to other areas that potentially haven't loaded yet. we just kept band-aid fixing this up each time errors popped up but no more.

We now load them in a specific order, and added a bunch of other things like checking if the server is online before anything loads or if you are allowed to log in, progress bar, loading data, dev server toggle and some cool background music from VernCarson

Video Link:

NPC Dialog

Our old system was very temporary but whilst working on the Quest system this week (explained later) the first thing I knew we had to do was to upgrade our janky looking NPC Dialog UI.

I contacted our UI designer but they were busy for a few weeks. We would probably have created something akin to a traditional MMO quest dialogue (WoW for example). I took things into my own hands and experimented with some designs, ultimately very happy with something I came up with (I generally suck at design). It's modern, simple, clean and works well.

Best of all, it's easy to navigate and would work well with a controller. I added Icons next to each option representing what they do.

NPC Dialog

General Store

I finally got around to fixing some of the bugs in existing shops but decided to put a General Store with sell working and all.

General Store


Those empty pots etc from the general store can now be filled in the Fountain. It has batch filling so you just interact once and every empty dish will be filled over time


Area Updates

√Trickzbunny has been working on a farm area for the Tutorial. There is an area for cows and one for chickens.

Cow Enclosure

Quest System

As we are working on a Tutorial area, the heart of this is our Tutorial Quest which will take you around to each skill instructor to learn the basics.

We did a lot of work under the hood to make this system work and there is still plenty more to come. The UI on the right shows you your active quests and quest steps. We have also added Indicators (arrows etc) to areas you need to go for your next step.

Pair that with our new NPC Dialog system and it's looking great. Here is a video of it in action

Video Link:

Video WIP

Wayzz has been working on a concept video for us and getting the video format laid out to use as a Kickstarter / show off video when the time comes. All footage will be recaptured and reworked, this is just a rough example video. He's done a great job, take a look!

Video Link:

Developer Update #5 - 06/15/2020

by √Unravel


No more naked model! Our clothing has been made, processed and implemented into the game. I can't describe how nice this feels, a lot of work went into it. There are only 2 different shirts, each with 3 sleeve length combinations, and 2 gender types, same with the pants & shoes. we have pre-set colours as we don't wanna see anyone running around in bright pink/green etc and not fit in with the game's colour palette.


Visual Tweaks

When adding the clothes in we took a closer look at our characters and realised some tweaks needed to be made. Clothing/armour was shiny and reflective, also received shadows. So naturally, we tweaked it, not only does it look better now but it's free performance gains!

Tweaked clothes


We didn't stop at the clothing, we took a look at skin colour, hair, facial hair etc in which we have added in. The hair & facial hair are using 3rd party Synty assets, which whilst they are great, in future we will be modelling our own, but this is lower down the list and most likely post Kickstarter.

Character Creator

Well, with all of the above it made complete sense for us to work on this. annnnnd it's done. You will create your character right where you start your journey.

Video Link:


More equipment has been made and added to the game. This concludes our 3 tiers of Melee/Plate armour before the Kickstarter. Here are Copper & Iron sets

Copper set

Edit: I messed up. below is a steel axe, not an iron one!

Iron set with steel axe

Game Design

√Trickzbunny has been busy with writing a proper tutorial quest for our starting area. This includes everything from name & appearance to story & area. We are incorporating the majority of our skills into this starting quest in a natural way.

He has also then been redesigning the area for this quest, here are some pics

Quest area, part 1
Quest area, part 2
Quest area, part 3

Looking Back

A lot of people have joined recently and most don't know how long this game has been in development for, or how fast we progress, so let's take a look back at the phases this game has been through.

7 Months Ago

7 Months Ago

4.5 Months Ago

4.5 Months Ago

3 Months Ago

3 Months Ago

3 months ago in the above image, we were so close to launching a Kickstarter, we took a step back and decided nope, this just ain't worthy. Very glad we did this, there is a good chance we would have failed the Kickstarter and this project probably wouldn't be here today.

Even though what we have today looks a million times better, feels and plays better in every way, we still ain't there, yet.


We have a new programmer on the team, Vellak who we have tasked with quite a few things. Currently he is working on a Settings menu, to change things like volumes and resolution/video settings in game.


Our Community Manager Fausty has somehow managed to become a likable streamer and has hit the second spot a few times this week on Twitch for RuneScape, yes hundreds of live viewers. He also plugs our game from time to time, hence why you have been seeing people join recently.

There may or may not be some in house bets about if he secretly paid someone to put him on the road to fame

Follow him on Twitch/YouTube:

Final Word

Things are progressing rapidly. All the current developers on our team are paid now which I am happy to say, √Fish and I have put a decent chunk of money into this game recently to push us out of that passion project/game jam level of work and forward into a high quality indie game we can be proud of. Also to massively increase our chances of the Kickstarter and this game becoming a real thing.

You have asked us how you can support/help this project. We currently don't accept any donations/monetary contributions unless you want to hand us 6 figures to skip the Kickstarter ;)

Save your money until the Kickstarter campaign begins, let's be real here if that fails, there is a large chance this game will die. Tell your friends about us, let the world know about us. People in Discord get to see constant progress and our game grow, there is a much higher chance someone who follows us, to back us on Kickstarter rather than relying on a pretty video to convince them!

Developer Update #6 - 06/23/2020

by √Unravel


This week has been busy for all of us, we don't have that much to show this week though, also ill be rushing this dev blog because time spent doing this is time that could be spent developing!

We had a large growth on our Discord & Reddit this week, Welcome to everyone new here! You've got our team fired up and the cogs are moving faster than ever behind the scenes. It's unfortunate that our FAQs were very outdated and our Reddit has very little content right now, we are working on this starting with a new FAQ page that will be posted tomorrow on Reddit and Discord.

Earlier in the week, we streamed a small bit of gameplay, this was a spur of the moment thing as people wanted to see, so the team jumped on with our incredibly broken build, a few server crashes and lack of useable content was a little embarrassing but we have spent the week fixing everything and polishing up a lot of other systems.


VernCarson dropped the latest mixtape of 2020, this is meant to be a dark/swamp style of music.

Download: tr_dark.mp3

NPC Appearance

We have finally dressed our NPCs properly, now that we got clothing in from last weeks update. ignore the terrible crop job

Clothed NPCs

Item Overlay

One of the last pieces of UI that were very outdated finally got a makeover. This is a gif, if you look closely you will see an animated smoke background, just one of vellak's talents You might be thinking it doesn't fit the UI style, it will.

Item overlay

More UI Animation

Whilst vellak was working with shaders, I asked for a nice animated effect on the HP/Mana bars, he delivered.

Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination


Good animations for non humanoid rigs are hard to find and even harder to create. We don't really have an animator on our team so this is one area where we purchase high quality assets from an asset store. We came across animations we loved, which also were inside of a low poly animal pack. the animals looked gorgeous and have amazing animations for action we need. we decided to use them, at least until post-Kickstarter. shame on you, indie!

Gorilla and Bear
Cow and Chicken

that bear absolutely shreds


We are chatting with Neeak a talented UI developer about sprucing up our current UI. Here is a concept he is currently working on, plenty more elements to come!


Swamp man good

This week √Trickzbunny has been working on a lot of game design, but he did manage to squeeze in a Swamp area

It's swampy

Developer Update #7 - 06/29/2020

by √Unravel


Whilst working on the Tutorial Quest - The Forgotten, We realised this is a Tutorial and people might not know how to get to the next location. So naturally, we had a staff chat about Minimaps/Compass etc, and we came to the conclusion that we didn't need a Minimap, it would free up more screen real estate and also give a better feel of self-exploration without one.

But we needed something, so we took a look at different styles of compass, you know like Skyrim, which does not have a Minimap, nor did it need one. So we implemented a Compass and added a few indicators, it felt right, it felt good. Between a world map and a compass, we solved this issue.


UI Facelift

Neeak worked on some UI mock-ups for our current UI, to make it more clean and professional. We implemented these changes mid week and whilst there are still areas we need to work on (chat area, NPC nameplates etc) it's a good start.

An apology to all indies

I liked it so much that I decided to show it off on the Unity3D Subreddit right before I went to bed. I woke up to a bit of a shitstorm the following morning due to the way I worded the title. I accidentally managed to offend every indie game out there with absolutely no intentions to do that. I cleared it up in the comments but it got buried I'm sure. We did manage to get 600+ upvotes and #1 post on that subreddit, with the majority of comments saying how nice it looked, along with a lot of probably deserved hate.

New UI

New Camera

We started this game with our own camera code, it was fine, it did the job but eventually, we realised how much we were missing out on by not using a proper camera like Unity's Cinemachine. We ripped out the old camera and the many systems this was tied into and replaced it with Cinemachine. We spent a lot of time configuring it to feel exactly the same as our old camera, but with the nice benefits of no more clipping through the terrain, walls and actually being able to see things indoors/caves etc - this is a huge issue we have had for a while and we finally thought it was time to address it.

Video Link:

Combat View

Previously our Right Click button has been to put your character into Strafe Mode, where left and right keys will strafe left and right instead of moving/running left and right.

We improved this by taking advantage of our new camera system and adding a secondary camera for this mode, it will sit near your shoulders giving you a nicer combat view. Especially useful for when shooting magic or arrows. Still playing around with the feel of this, likely to be improved when we focus more on overhauling the combat system which will be soon.

Video Link:


We are making further work on our tutorial quest - The Forgotten. Here is a video to feed your curious minds

Video Link:


Making great progress, a lot more sounds went in recently and more to come - VernCarson, √Fish has finished his semester of Uni so we got him developing full time. √Trickzbunny is now working on content outside of the starting area, we are currently in the design phase of the first main town, things like how long of a walk should it take to get there, how big should it be, what areas can we add in between etc.

I think we should be able to get a public playtest by the end of the week!

Developer Update #8 - 07/13/2020

by √Unravel

Apologies that this was a week late, we had the playtest and a lot of things going on.

Weapon Trails

Vellak has been working on Weapon Trails for us. nothing too flashy just to add some spice to the overall feel of action based combat. it looks and feels good and the video below will show a few of the basic weapons with their low key weapon trails. then he just went full on flashy with the rest of them and we loved it and will find a use for them later on (higher tier gear etc).

Download: trailvid.mp4

Item Icons

Previously I spoke about this in an older Dev Blog and the process we were going to use. We weren't happy with the workflow or the result and it got put on the backburner. After recently finalizing our list of items for the Kickstarter we decided it’s time to redo all the icons and finalize this area. Vellak worked on this, he modified the existing icon tool we made and applied a shader he created, tweaked it until we were quite happy with the setup.

The workflow per icon is:

  • Select the Item & Position/Rotate/Scale it for the Icon
  • Adjust the Lighting
  • Enable the shader & adjust the toon/cel shading settings
  • Vellak's 2D Outline shader gets applied to a generated 2D Image of the above
  • Then we hit generate which saves the image, updates its image path in the DB and saves the settings used for this icon for future use (if we need to go in and adjust things slightly etc).

It's a lot of work, but our Icons now looking like the below look much more professional than just a picture of the raw model and we save a lot of time and funds here by not getting someone to draw each one of our models.


New Armours

We have now finalized our armours for the Kickstarter, we have 3x cloth sets, 3x leather & 3x plate sets. I have shown off the others in existing Dev Bogs, here is the last of them.

From Left to Right:

  • Leather Armour (T1 Ranged)
  • Spellbound Robes (T1 Sorcery)
  • Diabolic Robes (T2 Sorcery)
  • Iron Armour (T1 Melee)

We already had Iron Armour but, we decided we didn't like it and remade it.


The World & Scale

It seems we have a few lore nerds on our Dev Team, so they have their own channel to talk all things lore and create the lore around our game. It's coming along well, they have also been working on a world map, and I will share a small part of it.

√Trickzbunny is now on 100% Level Design which is great timing as we are branching outside of the Tutorial Village and starting to build the world.

The image below in the dotted lines contains a small part of the map that you see in the top right. If you zoom in you will see our current Tutorial Village, to give you an idea of world scale. That small solid cyan box inside the dotted box is the entire tutorial area (everywhere that currently has forestry).

On the top right image, there are 2 players, and a camera arc which references the 2nd image, the 2 large grey pillars you see are grey boxed mountains, giving an idea of the scale between those mountains on the map. Ignore the height - it won't be that high.


Worlds, Kickstarter & Stability

We decided that during the Kickstarter we are going to keep our servers online and allow people to download and play it before they even back us. A lot of people might think this an interesting move. I don't even know if it's been done before for an Indie MMORPG but due to the small faith in MMORPG Kickstarters these days, we need to up the ante.

This comes with a lot of problems, we can't simply just give someone a demo download of our game and know it's going to just run fine, this isn't single player, and we are not bundling the server with the client.

We must to make sure that people who are coming to check out our game can actually get on our game and play! We don't know if 5 people are going to check us out, 500, or even 5000+. I won't sit here and act like we are confident that thousands can just check us out with no issues, we aren't that good yet. Our highest priority is to make sure everyone who wants to check us out, can check us out.

We always look at worst case scenarios: servers crashing, DDoS or exploits, etc. This is a real thing and can massively hinder our campaign if we don't account for this. We decided we would find a single point of contact on the internet where it would be unlikely to go offline, somewhere where we could host a simple text file with a bunch of server IPs, latest client version number, and a link to the absolutely latest client.

Doing this allows everyone that downloads the client, to access a master list of worlds/servers and update in real time to ensure if things go bad, we have backup servers/worlds (even if small capacity) to get people online to check it out. We decided on a basic public Github repository hosting a simple text file that we can update.


This allows us to:

  • Disallow players using an older client. We can update the version number on the link above which the client will fetch on startup and compare with its version. We can also pop up a download new client link inside the client.
  • View all available servers to connect to, with Country flag, world number/name, player count, ping, and online status. We recently implemented all of this. The client fetches all that data on startup (or when you click refresh), it grabs all the servers data, then connects to each one via a RESTful like service to query if it’s online, how many players, and to measure the latency/ping.

The other thing we did is made our server a little more portable and instead of hardcoding IPs/ports and whatnot. We now launch it via a batch file where we can specify the world name, max player limit, IP/port, and basically spawn say 10 worlds on the same physical server if we like capping out the players at lower limits. This may be smarter for us to have more worlds with fewer people than fewer worlds with more people.

After all, we aren't looking to stress test our servers during the Kickstarter, we simply want them to be able to log in and check it out. So expect probably 20+ Worlds hosted over a few different physical servers during the Kickstarter. The server area will be reskinned to be in line with the game.

These things are normally solved by using a Launcher and having some kind of highly secured & bulletproof Login/World/Account server, neither of which we have right now for valid reasons, so we'll use what we have.

Server List

Discord Integration

Just after the last playtest we thought it would be nice for some people to check on the server console window (people who don't have access to the dedicated server). So we added that in to print to a private staff channel as well as one for player chats so we can see what people talk about. There have been some cute, heart-warming conversations. Reminds me of /r/cutenoobs.

Discord Integration

NPC Ranged attacks

We have finally added some AI to these dumb monsters. We can have NPCs shooting magic or ranged at you. Due to our high server tick rate and the way √Fish has programmed this, the accuracy is very high. If you have low ping and you dodge the arrow by a very small amount, it will not hit you. This is the server calculating the arrows collision with entities at a very fast and accurate pace. We will be doing a lot more work in this area very soon as we get into combat mode & bosses/AI which is some of the last things left on our list to do before the end of the month.

Download: collisiontest.mp4

Download: TR_OriginExtended_mp3.mp3

More Music

Our sound guy, Vern Carson - The Sound Guy™, the one that makes our sound, has extended our main background track by a few more minutes and has also made some boss music, and a forest biome track. Has created plenty of sound FX too but I won't list them.

He has actually created probably near 100 sound effects for us now, and it's not unusual to hear him in staff chat say things like "brb going to home depot to buy a saw and an axe+wood to record some sounds for the Survival skill" he really is a crafty one with the way some of the sounds are made, you would never guess

Download: TR_Forest.wav

A word from our Level Designer √Trickzbunny:

Player Feedback, Bugs & Changes

A big thank you to everyone taking their time to playtest TitanReach. We appreciate all the feedback we've received from our fellow Reachers and with all your support it allows TitanReach to grow even more and make all of this possible!

√Trickzbunny has taken a lot of notes throughout the Playtest, reviewing all types of bugs, feedback and suggestions. Then compiled and organized a long list of it all. Since then we had meetings & discussions based on your feedback and suggestions to lock in certain changes & priorities!

√Unravel has been working hard on fixing your listed bugs. Around 100+ changes, features, and bug-fixes were made since the playtest last week. Here are some of the features, changes, and other fixes among others based on the playtest.

New Features:

  • Able to move "WASD" while displaying skills/inventory UI.
  • Quick-slot items on your action bar! (Hover over items in your inventory, press 1-6 keys to instantly set them to your action bar slot.
  • ESC Key closes all UI Windows.
  • Stores Restock Items over time. Individual items restock at different rates.
  • Passive Health Regeneration. (1 health per 30 seconds)
  • Items for Tutorial Series are automatically added to the action bar when accepting quests.

Other Changes:

  • Chat Window is more obvious when typing is active.
  • Tab will open the inventory directly. No longer required to click the bag to toggle the inventory.
  • Chat character limit has been increased from 60 to 90. (About 2 full lines).
  • Chicken [Feather|feather] drops have an RNG range (no longer static 3 but 2-5 randomly).
  • Fletching arrows no longer has a progress bar and arrows can be crafted as quickly as a player can click!
  • No longer use [Flint|Flint] on logs. Must have both in your inventory and now able to left click log or right click "make fire". Can also be done through the action bar.
  • Usernames must be 4-15 characters in length and be alphanumerical or spaces. Only 1 Space per username. Blocked all special Symbols.
  • Buy/Sell "All" Button Works
  • Chat no longer overlaps with Skilling UI. Such as the Furnace, Anvil, Workbench.
  • Shop scam! Buying items with a full inventory is no longer possible. Nor will it drop the items to the floor.
  • Added Discord Button Link to Lobby.
  • Added Exit Game Button in Tab window.
  • Death Tracks Stackable Items and will be kept on death (will be adjusted/changed in the future).
  • Money stack will be kept on death as a temporary fix (will be adjusted/changed in the future, such as a money pouch).
  • Fixed certain colliders.
  • Various other things. (Anything Combat & Animation related will be prioritized in the coming days, as these main issues are polished).

Side Note:

We've seen some very passionate & dedicated players who have spent several hours grinding throughout the playtest. Reaching 55 mining, grinding chickens, cows & deer to reach combat stats into the high 20's to 30's, finishing the current tutorial series over 10 times and other various goals. We would once again like to give you a thank you for being a passionate member of the community. You should also know that we do keep a list of people that "stick out" hint hint wink wink ;). Although the use of this list is not fully known…… yet.

New Team Members

Welcome Shuu to the team as our Project Manager.

Welcome Flam to the team as a Programmer.

Both have over a decade of experience in their roles in a professional capacity.

Flam just had a baby (congrats) but the lack of sleep and time means it will take a while for him to contribute properly, this is fine by us.

Shuu has worked with games such as Killing Floor 2, Stardew Valley and r.i.p Reckfuls Everland.

I want to take a moment to thank √Trickzbunny for graciously giving up the Project Manager role to Shuu and to focus solely on Level Design. √Trickzbunny has done a lot for us in the management of the project, he is responsible for at least half of our documentation and cleaning up a lot of systems behind the scenes, he did wonderfully.

Developer Update #9 - 07/28/2020

by Fausty

Hello Reachers! Welcome to all the new people who have graced us here in the server. It is a pleasure to have you and I am glad you are all as excited as we are to make this game come into fruition.

Let us start off by welcoming our new Team Members:

  • Wolf has joined the Team as QA and Quest Design.
  • Solar has joined the team as our 3D Artist.

Game Design

We have been working on a bunch of new NPC’s and world design. Wolf has been great in that aspect and we have got some of those things locked down. I am not going to go too much into detail here, but we have made decisions about city names, races, cultures, environments, etc. The sunrise in Glimmermoore is truly a sight to behold.

2D Art

Vellak has still been hard at work making all the in-game icons something special. To reiterate, we are not using painted icons but rather the in-game model, laid out and ran through some shade work. This is a bit of extra work in the beginning. But it lays a standard base of quality and uniqueness we are going to maintain.

3D Art

Solar is working on making our assets unique. He has been working on the ore as well as some other things, so it all fits our aesthetic. He is also making small details like starfish on the beach. Lot’s of promising work.

Updated ore model


I will just leave this gem here: Combat Roll Animation.


Vern has been working in overdrive this week. We have hooked up multiple ambient sounds from winds, tree’s rustling, to smaller things like the furnace. He has also finished the first of many TitanReach tracks, you can listen to this song titled Origin here; Origin - OST.


There have been some subtle changes. It was talked about during the last playtest, but we have increased both player and monster health significantly. We felt hitting 0s and 1s was just boring. This is the first of many changes to come in the way of combat. So, pay attention to that!

It is a small change, but if you noticed in Peon’s video, he stated you could not move the camera in and out with the scroll wheel. Well I am happy to say now you can.

We have also successfully set up a cinema graphic camera system to host things like cut scenes, proper camera panning for areal shots, and NPC dialogue camera positions.

The world now has an organic day/night cycles as well as weather effects like rain. Take a look: Day/Night Cycle.


Our website is currently undergoing an overhaul.

The UI is getting an overhaul. You can see the current iteration in #community-input and provide feedback.


Once again, on behalf of the team welcome to the community! I am happy to have you here to join us on this journey. You are all extremely passionate about the game and it shows. Now go tell all your friends about it! There is going to be lots of changes in the upcoming weeks including…. maybe a playtest. We apologize for the smaller dev blog this time around. We are all busy at working getting things done and do not want to spoil all the fun just yet. See you around!

Developer Update #10 - 08/23/2020

by √Unravel

Stress Test is Over!

Thank you to everyone that came. It started off very rocky for the first few hours, it actually came down to one line of code that one of the devs put in the day before. Once that was out of the way we were quite stable. We made a couple of updates/patches over the duration and were quite happy with how the server performed during this time.

We extended the stress test and left it up for 24 hours after we ran into the stability issues at the very start. We worked hard to make sure most people could log in and play, there were issues with certain peoples' computers/setups that could not connect but I believe we fixed most of them.

We will continue to add more content and stability before the Kickstarter in less than 2 weeks, where we will have a bunch of Worlds online for about 30 days.

When we go live on Kickstarter, you will have 30 days to back us and help fund this game. We currently have less than 5% of the content we expect to launch with. If we do not hit the Kickstarter goal, the game does not come out. It dies. Keep in mind a Kickstarter campaign is an all-or-nothing campaign. If the goal is not reached, we receive none of the money and nobody is charged anything. The only way this project can continue is if the Kickstarter succeeds. We appreciate everyone's support so far, and your continued support. We hope you can help us spread the word and our vision.

These are the top players from the Stress Test:

First to find the Yabby Spears: JacobNVG

Thank you for your support and continued following!

Kickstarter Launch! - 09/14/2020

by Shuu

Good morning everyone! With our Kickstarter approved, we're ready to get this show on the road.

We'll be launching our Kickstarter on Tuesday, September 15th @ 5pm PST. (Check here for a countdown:

Once our Kickstarter starts, we will also have a playable multiplayer demo for everyone to enjoy for free, no strings attached. We will allow you to download the game, make an account, and play with your friends to test out the game and "try before you back". Note that your demo account used during this period will not be your main TitanReach account, we are building a real account system later on.

We'll be publishing a new #dev-blogs entry later today, showcasing some changes from our stress test, some new features with this build, and a general update on the team.

We also have a new website in the works, which is in the process of being setup and should be ready a couple weeks after the Kickstarter launches.

Thank again to our community, we couldn't have gotten here without you.

Kickstarter Patch #01 - 09/21/2020

by Shuu

Pre-Alpha Demo Patch #01 Released!

We appreciate the continued support on our Kickstarter. We recently crossed the 100k $AUD mark and we're continuing to move toward our goal. Thank you so much for sharing our campaign with your friends and family and we hope that you can continue to do so!

We've recently released a patch for our Kickstarter demo build. This new patch features a slew of changes to economy, combat, and some skills. We've also added some new features which we've listed out below!

  • Special Item Shop: Sells some cool items, found near the tavern!
  • Combat Stances: You can now change your stance for combat from Strength, Dexterity, or Defense
  • Spearfishing: Find Tuna with a harpoon
  • New Potions: Dexterity, Ranged, Defense, Strength, Lesser & Greater Healing, Regeneration
  • In-game Map: Press 'M' to open
  • Bank Area Changes: New crafting stations in the bank area

We've also been hammering out all of the bugs that have been reported by our community members on our Discord. We appreciate everyone taking time to check out the demo, and we hope you'll be interested in our first patch. We plan to continue updating the demo with more new content, bug fixes, and features during the week!

Featured Community Creation

We'd like to feature content from our community when possible, this week we're featuring a great video created by Keycraftsmangamingon YouTube!

Watch here

Play the Kickstarter Pre-Alpha Demo now!

If you're interested in playing, feel free to join our Discord server and download the game. We are opening the floodgates for anyone to try the game before they purchase a pledge.

Developer Update #11 - 11/20/2020

by: Ghostflex

Unfortunately, fallout from the Kickstarter results, changes to the team structure and time spent rebuilding game foundations has led to slower progress, and less information, since the end of Kickstarter. Thank you for your patience and support over the last few weeks, we’re now back on track and working hard to increase community involvement.

From now on we will be posting updates every couple of days. There will be weekly dev blogs covering our progress over the previous week with smaller updates in between. A member of the team will also be streaming on Twitch every weekend, either showing behind the scenes work, or running Q/A sessions. On top of that, we have members of the dev team chatting in Discord most days, often sharing their current work or discussing game design.

With that out of the way, we’re excited to show you what we have been working on over the past few weeks, and give you a glimpse of what is still to come.

Updated Art Style

Our biggest focus since Kickstarter has been on updating the visual appearance of the game.

We felt that our previous style was too generic, we had made use of asset store models to prototype, and we needed a way to stand out as our own game. The overall style of the game is staying the same. It will still be low poly, stylised graphics, just with some improvements and tweaks. Our aim is that you will be able to see a screenshot of the game, and immediately know it’s from TitanReach.

New Character Design

Solar has been working on completely remaking the entire character model. This was one of the most requested features from the Kickstarter demo and we wanted to give you the opportunity to feel more invested in your characters, and to let you make a character individual to you.

In order to do this we have built a new character with a much higher level of fidelity than before. This allows us to offer new customisation options such as eyes, eyebrows, new hair styles and the possibility of so much more.

Changes to the character model also leads to changes to armour and weapons. This means that hard earned armour, weapons and fashion choices will be able to have the level of detail they deserve. Ninja and Solar have been working together to create the new armour designs.

Models We are in the process of replacing 3D models bought from asset stores with our own custom models. This transition takes a lot of time - we may not be able to replace all the assets before the next public version of the game, however we are working hard to rebuild as many of the larger assets as possible.

Previously most of the game models had flat colours, Sean Fox is creating new stylised textures which gives us the option to include detail where we couldn’t before, improve the general appearance of the game, and create models more easily in the future. An example of these changes is to the ground textures and the game grass.

New Lighting System

Unravel has been reworking our lighting system. Previously our lighting system was in its most basic form. This system has worked well enough until now because most of the world was outside and we didn't have many areas to need specific lighting setups for. However, taking the cave as an example, you knew you were inside a dark area, but it didn't look or feel dark.

We will be using Global Illumination in order to make a more realistic lighting system. This provides us the potential to build a wider variety of environments and atmospheres, from gloomily lit caves or dark haunted ruins, to warm homely taverns and grand palaces. We are also increasing performance by baking a lot of our static lighting & shadows.

New Map

For the previous demo we had only built a small section of the world map, and the technology (systems) we had used to build that map was very limiting and caused some issues. Unravel and Trickzbunny have overhauled the way that we build the world behind the scenes, allowing us to start working on much larger sections of the world. Certain systems were adjusted or changed entirely. Now that they are set up properly, all the terrain has been re-added and Alyssia's scale has been locked in with all it's coasts.

Although this work was essential for the future of the game, this change, alongside the new 3D models, has meant that we have had to completely rebuild Glimmermoore from the ground up. Trickzbunny is taking this opportunity to make several improvements to the layout of Glimmermoore, and the rebuild process is well under way.

Website Updates

Spyda is redesigning the website to have a more modern appearance, and to allow us to showcase more information about the game. We have already added a news section to the website, and more information will be added as the site is re-built.

Account System

Spyda has also finished building our account system, along with a private login API which can link into the launcher and game client. We hope to open account creation soon, with some fun randomised names until we open username reservation. Alongside this we now have several public APIs such as a news feed, which will allow for links to public bots or the wiki.

Game Launcher

Ghostflex is building a game launcher which will automatically install the game and patch the client when we release updates. The launcher will also show recent game news, and will include the login system and some game settings.


Thanks everyone again for all your support and continuing to follow TitanReach! We will have another update coming soon regarding our plans for funding and opening up the game for you all to play.

Development Blog #12 - 12/10/2020

by: Ghostflex

Hi everyone! Over the last couple of weeks we have been continuing to revamp the map and characters, and also adding a few new features. As we come closer to Christmas (and the end of our ability to work without any funds), progress has been limited. Despite this, we’re often in discord voice chat streaming development and getting suggestions from everyone. Feel free to pop in, say hi and check out what we’re working on any time.

Quest System

Over the last couple of weeks, Unravel and Ghostflex have been working on implementing a new and improved quest system. The old system was hard to extend, and making new quests was very time consuming. It was only originally used to build the tutorial and we always knew it would only be temporary.

The new quest system has been rebuilt from the ground up and will allow us to build more complex quests and in a shorter time frame than before. Our new system also allows us to make tweaks to quests without having to restart the server, while still being compiled to fast native code. This makes testing faster, and also makes it easier to fix issues once the game is live.

The tutorial quest has been rebuilt in the new system and won’t have any of the issues that were experienced at the start of the Kickstarter demo.

We have also built a new UI for NPC interaction to go with the new quest system. The quest system is something we will continually be adding to, so any feedback would be great.

Take a look at an example of the UI so far

New Armour

@√ Ninja has been working on new concepts for armour and @√ Solar has been continuing to make them into a reality. They have been working with @√ <Fish>< to get these beautiful new models into the game, although, that process is not quite finished yet.

Here is a quick look at the current work in progress versions:

New Map

New Glimmermoore is slowly taking shape. @√ Trickzbunny '🐇🐇🐇🐇 and @√ Sean Fox are still working on the map - replacing rocks and cliffs with our own models and building the new terrain.

Here is an example of some of the new rocks:

Website Updates

The new website is now released, including account sign-up. As we have not opened name reservation yet, you will be assigned a random name when you sign up. Spyda has been working on the website with input from the community. If you have suggestions feel free to jump into chat in discord whenever he’s around.

Go and check out the new site: Sign up now, and let us know what your name is:

Music and Sound

Vern has been making new sound effects for footsteps and UI elements. He’s also been playing around with different concepts for music for the game.

Thank You!

Thanks again for all your continued support! Even though times are hard, we know how lucky we are to have such a great community, and we really hope that we can continue to make this game a reality.

Development Blog #12.5 - 12/15/2020

by: Ghostflex

A bit of a different blog this time.

This one’s for our fellow game devs.

Take a look as Unravel talks through decisions we made when building our server infrastructure:

Development Blog #13 - 12/23/2020

by: Ghostflex

Hi everyone! We recently opened up a way to help support the development of TitanReach through our website (check out if you haven’t already). Your response has been incredible; we've almost reached our goal already (just $1.5k to go) , we just need one last push to help us get across the line and beyond.

We've made some updates to our site based on community feedback in the last couple of days, including a way to update your account name if you have bought any credits, and a funding tracker on the homepage. Why not take a look: (Attempting to change your name to anything that's sexist, racist, vulgar and anything you know wouldn't be allowed, will result in your account name being permanently renamed to some of the worst names you could ever imagine. We also will not allow the spamming of new accounts just to claim a load of names.)

We’re so lucky to have such an amazing community and with your help, we’re looking forward to building a game we can all be proud of. On that note, here is a run down of the progress we’ve been making on the game in the meantime.

Player Interaction Menu

We have added a way to interact directly with other players. You can now right click on players to open up an interaction menu.

At the moment this allows you to trade and join parties with other players. We will be adding other functionality to this menu over time, such as inspecting players. This menu will also be used to allow for interaction with some non-player objects in the future.

Trading System

We have also added a proper trading system to the game (RIP drop trading). This allows players to trade easily, while also ensuring that trades are fair and not exploitable.

The UI is just a placeholder, but it serves its purpose for now.

Party System

We have also added a party system to the game. You can now join a party through a chat command or via the right click menu. While in a party with another player you can see their health, energy and buffs or debuffs applied to them. Party leaders have additional options to manage their party.

The basic system is all in place, but the more advanced features are still being developed. If there is anything you would like to see from a party system your input would be much appreciated. Currently we know that parties will be tied into group content, including slayer and dungeons.

Map Changes

The last couple of weeks have really seen the world come together. A lot of the assets are still placeholder and being replaced one by one, and it is definitely still a work in progress, but Glimmermoore and the surrounding area are now properly starting to feel like a town again. Once we add props, npcs and fx the town will start to feel alive.

We have also been focusing on improving the environment with new rocks and textures. Here is an example from the new waterfall (although the water will still probably change).

We’ve also been taking a little bit of inspiration from middle earth, but you’ll have to wait to see that.


Vern has been experimenting with music for the game for a while now. We’ve got some experimental tracks, but they aren’t ready to show yet. Instead we have some desert music for you. This track was made quite a while ago, but we never showed it off - but now’s just as good a time as any.

Characters and Armour

We have been continuing to work on armour for the male character models. Some of this is very early work in progress, but we have a little preview to show you anyway. We have also got the new character models properly in game. We have been playing around with a few different lighting settings - take a look:


This will probably be the last dev blog before the new year. As you can see, we’re nearing a playable version of the game. With your help funding us through January, we know we’ll have an amazing new version for you to play in February. Thank you once again @everyone for all your support. Have a great holiday and a happy new year

Development Blog #14 - 01/16/2021

by Ghostflex

Hi everyone! It's been a busy start of the year for TitanReach! You’re all probably aware by now, but development is now in full swing thanks to all the support you’ve shown us over the last month. We’ve immediately put all the funding you’ve given us to good use, with the whole team working full time.

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has bought stuff through our credit store ( It’s great to see all the people representing their new discord roles and we’re looking forward to playing with the few hundred of you currently joining us for early access in February.

It has taken us a while to sort out all the business side of things, but we have managed to get through a large chunk of that now - Square Root Studios is now an official company rather than a small partnership. Despite this management cost, the team has got a lot done in the last week or so. It feels amazing to have so much progress to show you.

On that note, we might as well get started.

Character Models

We have a new member of Square Root Studios to introduce to you all! Nataliez is our new 3D character artist. You have all actually seen some of her work before - she made the robes in our Kickstarter demo.

Over the last week she has made some improvements to our character models, to include the possibility of facial animations in the future, and has been working on creating additional customisation options.

Take a look at a few of the new hair options and the female character model.

There has also been a lot of work done on clothing. Some of this will be used for NPCs across the world, while other bits will also be used for starting player clothing.

Ninja created some awesome concept art for a whole array of clothing, and Natalie has begun the process of making them into full models.

Ninja has also created some concept art for the updated versions of our copper tools and weapons. There are also some concepts for the founder armour set over in #community-input in case you missed it.

New Environment Models

Sean and Solar have been working hard to gradually replace our old models. Over the last week or so they have created a whole host of modular assets to better suit the new art style from rocks, and ores, to fences and houses. Here are some of the latest additions (bear in mind that some are still a work in progress).

Controller Support

Fish has been reworking some aspects of player movement. Tidying up old code, and adding improvements at the same time. One of these improvements is the addition of controller support, which we know many of you have been waiting for.


Simon has been working on changes to how audio is used in our game, this should give us better control of where and how music and sounds are played, and hopefully give more options to the players too.

As part of this, we now have a footstep sound system in the game, this video will give a better description than anything. Vern has been working on sound effects for this footstep system, alongside picking up some other interesting foley for other sound effects. He has also made some extensions to our traditional origins track, which you can check out below.

Quest System

We have also been making extensions to the quest system to make the aims clearer to the user. Part of this is a quest log which will show you your current tasks, hints if any are available, and a longer description of the quest so far. This system is not quite finished yet, but here’s a quick look at the work in progress.

Name reservation

Spyda has been working incredibly hard managing the store and credit system. With his help we will be able to release name reservation in just a few hours from now.

In 6 hours in fact! Name reservation will be opening at 10am AEST Sunday 17th (Midnight GMT, 7pm EST Saturday). If you want to secure a particular name for yourself, make sure to be here for the launch, and pick up a name reservation key from the store ( Countdown:


Thank you @everyone for following our development of TitanReach. We hope this is the start of a great year. We will be back soon with more progress, so keep your eyes peeled!

Development Blog #15 - 01/24/2021

by Ghostflex

Hi everyone! Thanks for continuing to stick with us and hold out for the release of Early Access.

Many members of the team have been streaming over the last week, and will be continuing to do so. If you haven't given it a look yet, it’s a great way to see the development of the game, and to get some early previews.

Remember to follow: - Vern at for music and sound production - Sean Fox at for environment modelling - Solar at for general 3D modelling.

We will also be streaming on from time to time, and hosting members of the team there.

With that out the way, let's jump into what we have to show off this week!

Account System

This week Spyda and Unravel have been working together to connect your online TR accounts to the game. To log into the Early Access you will need to use your TitanReach account, and have bought Early Access through our store.

Your account has a maximum of 5 characters tied to it. You can only play one of those characters at once for the time being. We have created a new character select screen to go with this system.

Updated Weapon Models

Ninja has continued to work on designs for the new weapons and tools which will go alongside the rest of the visual updates. We showed off the copper designs last week, here are a few more:

Solar has also been involved in the creation of these new items. Over the last week he has been streaming the entire process of creating some of the 3D models for the copper weapons. If you want to join in and watch him work, make sure to tune in to his streams on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays (unless you're one of those Australians, in which case you might need to adjust for being in the future).

Here is the progress so far:

Character Models

The process of creating the updated character models continues as always. This week Natalie has focused on the male models, and some hairstyles to go with them (WIP).

We haven't forgotten about the female characters either, here is an update on a couple of clothing sets now that textures have been improved:

Finally, we also have some more clothing designs made by Ninja to suit lower end and starter clothing.


There's nothing quite like a soundtrack to really make you want to play the game, and @√ Vern hasn't been letting us down. He's been working on a couple of new tracks for the game. Bear in mind they are still a work in progress, but they still give an impression of things to come.

The first is a boss soundtrack. The other is a more peaceful ambient track for the open world He has also made some tweaks to origin, as the second piece was made of elements from Origin’s previous version.

New UI

There are a set of systems we want to add to the Early Access such as friends, skill information menus, pet and cosmetic systems and many more. In order to do this we need to have UI for you to interact with. In the short term we don't have a UI designer, so for now Ghostflex (who is definitely not an artist) has made us these until we can lock in a final UI direction:

News Updates

The news section of our website has been slowly filling up, and it was starting to become hard to find what you were looking for. Luckily Spyda was there to save the day with filters and a search bar to help find what you are looking for. With this change we have also uploaded our archived dev blogs and the patch notes from the Kickstarter demo. If you're interested on looking back on TitanReach from last year, check them out here:


Thank you once again everyone for keeping up with the development of TitanReach. We'll be back next week with more updates :smile:

Development Blog #16 - 02/16/2021

by Ghostflex

Hey all! We’re back with another update on our progress over the last couple of weeks. We’re sorry about the delay since the last dev blog - the whole team has been really focused on the Early Access release coming at the end of the month. Hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing what we’ve been working on nonetheless.

Before we get into our recent progress, we have some introductions to make. We have recently taken on three new team members to help us build the game you all deserve. Please welcome our new team members:

Seriub is our new animator. We’ve had several delays recently caused by issues setting up our character models ready to be animated, but now that we’re past most of them, he will be making us some awesome animations!

Disapproval has joined the team to create a new UI for TitanReach. This is a long and arduous process, which unfortunately won't make it into the release of Early Access, but we know she’s up to the job.

Finally, Stardust has also joined the team as another 3D modeller. She is helping us bring the world to life with a series of props and decorations - making the world feel a bit less empty.

This brings the team up to a total of 14 members. We’ve come a long way from the handful only 6 months ago, and we’re well on the way to building the game we’ve been dreaming of.

Anyway, you’re here to see some previews, so let’s get into it.

Character Progress

There has been a significant amount of progress with our player characters over the past few weeks. Natalie has been hard at work making clothing and reworking the armour for the new characters. But first, she spent some time on some glorious facial hair.

With our character rig being finished and an animator on the team, we’re finally able to bring some life to our characters. Check out some of our fun little experiments we made:

On a more serious note, here is an early look at our new running animation from @Seriub. Courtesy of Ninja , we also have a preview of the design for the founders and golden capes which are available through the credit store.

Weapons and Tools

Solar has been finishing off the copper and iron tools before moving on to making new skilling stations. The skilling stations are still early in development, but we can show off the tools.

Environment Progress

Trickzbunny and Sean Fox have been working incredibly hard on building a modular housing pack to rebuild Glimmermoore without using any bought assets. Anyone who has been watching their streams will have seen the progress over the last few weeks. With this housing pack we can build a whole range of houses, including the new Glimmermoore bank:

Stardust has also been building props to decorate Glimmermoore, bringing some life to the town. Take a look at some of her first pieces

Pet System

simondtd has implemented the start of our pet system. It’s still very simple for now, but you can now choose a pet from your list of unlocked pets, and have it follow you around the world. If you ever get too far away from your pet, it will jump back to you. On the theme of pets, we also have a concept for the Storm Cat from the credit store, let us know what you think.


You are now able to select which of your titles you will display in game. The UI is temporary, but it gets the job done.

Chat System

Ghostflex and simondtd have improved the in game chat system. Private messages, local and party chat all have their own channels. These different chat channels can be switched using text commands, or through the interface. You can also now link items in chat.


In order to make trading and transporting large quantities of items less painful, Unravel has implemented a way to stack non-stackable items. You can now withdraw token versions of items from your bank. These tokens cannot be used for anything other than trading or selling, but can be converted back at any time via your bank.

Bug Report System

In order to streamline the bug reporting process throughout Early Access we have implemented a system into our client and the website. This will reduce the spam in discord, and make it easier to maintain a list of known bugs.

UI Changes

Although the new UI won't be coming out at the start of early access, we have been taking the first steps into designing what the UI elements will look like. We’re still in the very early design phase right now, but Disapproval is doing a great job of guiding us through the process. Take a look at some of our the initial concepts:

Vern has also been working on some preliminary sound effects to go with the new UI. Take a look at this funky button, and a possible “on play” sound effect.


Thank you @everyone for your patience waiting for this dev blog. We’re all working hard to make Early Access as successful as we can. Not too long to wait now! If you somehow missed the announcement, make sure to check out #dev-updates, where we have just announced the release date for Early Access!

Development Blog #17 - 03/01/2021

by Ghostflex

Hey everyone, Just a quick update to catch you up on what we've been working on in the build up to Early Access. We have just a couple of little announcements before we get into showing you our progress.

We’re sorry again about the delay to Early Access, however it was necessary in order to get the game into a state we were happy to release.

In order to give people a reasonable amount of time to try the game before the limited time items such as Lifetime subscription leave the site, these items will remain in the store for an extra week.

We know that a large number of people in the community are looking forward to streaming gameplay of Early Access. In order to better accommodate content creators, the content creator discord role is being made self assignable. We will use this role to get in contact, and organise events.


Natalie has been hard at work creating new armour sets for the characters. Take a look at the iron and tier 1 leather armours.

Solar has also finished our iron tools, and moved on to the steel tools.

Talking about steel tools, we also have some new concepts from @√ Ninja to show, for both steel tools, and some future cloth armour sets to go with sorcery.

NPC Creator

In order to fill our world with NPCs using our new character models Fish has built an NPC creator. It allows us to customise every aspect of a character model, including the colour of every item of clothing and armour. Here’s an example of the NPC creator and the features it offers: (Ignore the issue with the character’s mouth :sweat_smile: )

We have given access to this NPC creator to the @Moderator and @Titan Master in order to quickly pump out some NPCs for Early Access. Here are a couple of creations that have been made.


Over the last week or so there has been a lot of work done to decorate the world, making it feel more alive, and updating the skilling station to suit the new art style.

Stardust has built several new skilling stations, including the tanning rack, well and workbench.

Solar has worked on the new furnace, anvil and other forge decorations.

With all these new assets, and some help from Sean Fox and Disapproval , Trickzbunny has built an impressive new world. Here are a couple of examples. The first includes some new particles to go with fishing, and the second, some example market stalls.

Sound Effects

Vern has been producing new sound effects for our skilling stations and other parts of the world. Here are a handful of examples to check out.

Server Infrastructure

Unravel and Spyda , with the help of @Michael., have been working on getting the servers infrastructure for Early Access set up. With a bit of Kubernetes wizardry, we are now all setup ready to launch and update our servers quickly and easily. You can see some of the results of this in our new server list in Discord, courtesy of @Dynny., where the status of each server will be kept up to date.


While the new UI won't be making it into early access, here is a quick preview of some example hotbars that Disapproval designed recently.

She has also spent time making sure that our elements are nicely resizable so that we can build panels faster in the future.


We have been working to iron out a load of bugs from the game, and finishing some other features. These include friends and ignore list functionality, and unlockable pets that drop as a rare chance from animals you kill.


Thank you once again @everyone for your support and patience, and we hope to see many of you in game before too long.