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Cook fish and meats, bake cakes, and prepare drinks that provide Vitality regeneration and other assorted skill buffs.


Level Meal Healing Ingredients XP
1 Cooking Carp Carp 40 HP Raw Carp Raw Carp 17
1 Cooking Chicken Chicken 40 HP Raw Chicken Raw Chicken 17
10 Cooking Yabby Yabby 60 HP Raw Yabby Raw Yabby 25
10 Cooking Steak Steak 60 HP Raw Steak Raw Steak 25
10 Cooking Ham Ham Raw Ham Raw Ham 42*
20 Cooking Cod Cod 80 HP Raw Cod Raw Cod 40
20 Cooking Wolf Meat Wolf Meat 60 HP Raw Wolf Meat Raw Wolf Meat 25
30 Cooking Tuna Tuna 100 HP Raw Tuna Raw Tuna 50

Quest Requirements

Quest Level
?? ??